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A revolution in race numbers!
We looked at traditional paper race numbers and asked “how can we use what we know best, fabrics and state-of-the-art printing, to make these better?”.

The answer was right in front of our face – use fabric not paper and use the same sublimation printing we use on our custom garments. The result is a race number like you have never seen before – lightweight, comfortable, and best of all, say goodbye to having a crinkly piece of paper pinned to your jersey.


  • Made from lightweight, durable, wrinkle-free fabric. Great for multi-day use.
  • Fully sublimated with your logo and/or event name on them.
  • With or without our company name on them.
  • Makes a great memento for all your participants. Let's face it... nobody saves a paper number!
  • Available for body and/or shoulder.
  • Standard sizes: 20x20 cm, 18x16 cm, 12x11 cm
    • If you require a custom size, please contact us with the specs before ordering.
  • Delivery approx. 4-5 weeks, after order submission.
  • Low 300 minimum.




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