Fabric Technology

So many manufacturers say they have the highest quality fabrics, the coolest jersey or the best design but what is backing that up? Apart from some fancy marketing and a cool brand image, what proves their claim on quality?

At Champion System, we independently test our fabrics for quality and function. An example is our  Tech+ Jersey Fabric. The CS Tech+™ fabric is sourced from the best mills in Italy, so we know it is top quality but we took it to the next level by having a world-leading university test the fabric for its moisture-wicking characteristics. We had them tested to the AATC standard and our jersey came out with top marks. When you add that this material has 100% permanent UV protection, passes all flammability tests and has been ridden and proven in competition around the world you know you are getting quality with the facts to back it up.


CS TECH+™ - Now lighter weight than previous, breathes better with you, quickly drawing moisture away from your skin as you move, keeping you cooler and performing better.
(93/7 Polyester-Spandex blend, 130g/m2, UV protection 50+)

~ Updated July 2023 ~

CS TECH™ - Moves, breathes with you, quickly drawing moisture away from your skin as you move, keeping you cooler and performing better.
(100% Polyester, 200g/m2, UV protection 50+)

CS TECH LITE™ - A thinner, lightweight version of our classic CS Tech™ fabric designed for warmer weather and summer conditions. The same rapid moisture evaporation and airflow properties.
(Soft, 100% Polyester, 100g/m2, UV protection 50+)

CS AIRLITE™ - This very lightweight premium Italian fabric offers superior comfort, breathing and moisture management technology.
(Soft, 100% Polyester, 130g/m2, UV protection 50+)

CS TECH MESH™ - A stretch mesh fabric that has exceptional elasticity and shape retention delivering uncompromised ventilation to support thermoregulation.
(Lightweight 100% Polyester, UV protection 30+)

CS OZONE™ - A lightweight, highly breathable open weave fabric, specifically selected to disrupt airflow in certain areas, whilst maintaining a steady body temperature.
(80/20 Polyester-Spandex blend, 209g/m2, UV protection 30+)

CS AGILE™ - A highly breathable very lightweight fabric for hot weather conditions. 4-way stretch open weave material with dimpled surface to disrupt airflow for aerodynamic advantage.
(80/20 Polyester-Spandex blend, 199g/m2, UV protection 30+)

CS DIMPLE LITE™ - Aerodynamically designed to reduce drag from the air as you move; this 'Escheler' aero fabric is wind tunnel tested and proven to make you faster.
(High stretch lycra, UV protection 50+)

CS VALE™ - Aerodynamic high performance material featuring a series of channels milled into a high compression fabric which helps air flow over the body and reduces drag.
(85/15 Polyester-Spandex blend, 209g/m2, UV protection 30+)

CS ZERO™ - A featherweight material and our lightest, most breathable fabric available in the range. Rapid moisture-wicking properties and huge ventilation to keep athletes cool and dry. No fabric can compare in weightlessness with UV protection.
(Soft, 100% Polyester, 92g/m2, UV protection 50+)

CS LYCRA LITE™ - Lightweight lycra fabric with exceptional 3-way stretch capabilities.
(High stretch lycra, UV protection 50+)

CS CONTOUR™ - Gentle compression lycra material – a critical requirement for comfort fit and to help fight muscle fatigue on longer rides.
(83% Polyester - 17% Spandex blend, 360g/m2, UV protection 30+)

CS GLIDE™ - Offering light compression and 3-way stretch for maximum movement potential. The fabric is also treated with Cool-Feel technology so that it remains cool even in warm or hot conditions.
(80/20 Polyester-Spandex blend, 260g/m2, UV protection 30+)

CS SWIFT™ - Super light elite performance fabric with a hydrophobic anti-absorbent treatment.
(High compression, 80/20 Polyester-Spandex blend, 190g/m2, UV protection 30+)

CS HYDRODRY™ - Quick drying (pre-dyed) water repellent fabric provides excellent breathability and compression. Lightweight and used to avoid abrasion in conjunction with aiding comfort.
(81/19 Polyester-Spandex blend, 182g/m2, UV protection 50+)

CS WINDGUARD™ - Lightweight breathable shell fabric. 'Soft feel' tight weave material with water and wind resistance.
(Soft, 100% Polyester, UV protection 50+)

CS VAPOR™ - Super lightweight, soft touch, wind-resistant material with good breathability still. Excellent 4-way stretch properties for freedom of movement.
(93/7 Polyester-Spandex blend, UV protection 50+)

CS TECH FLEECE LITE™ - An incredible lightweight brushed fleece which provides exceptional breathability to keep you dry and warm. This fabric traps heat to insulate and moves moisture off your skin. This is an ideal lightweight fabric for cool weather conditions.
(Soft, 85/15 Polyester-Spandex blend)

CS WINTER FLEECE™ - Lightweight warm wicking fabric and high stretch properties ideal for intermediate winter conditions. Smooth thermal "Roubaix" lycra outer with brushed fleece lining.
(Soft, 85/15 Polyester-Spandex blend)

CS WEATHERSHIELD™ - Windproof and water repellent 2-layer fabric to shield against the elements backed with an insulating fleece lining for improved insulation. Lightweight and breathable, ideal for intermediate winter conditions.
(91/9 Polyester-Spandex blend, 242g/m2)

DValpine™ - "Direct Venting Technology", eVent® fabrics are the original air permeable and 100% waterproof membrane encased in a 3-layer laminate. Designed to keep outdoor enthusiasts dry and comfortable in the most demanding conditions on the planet.
(20m Water Column, 22,000g/m2 Breathability, 0.1 cfm Permeability)