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About Us


Our mission is to become the world's leading custom sports apparel provider. We will deliver our customer's a seamless and collaborative experience, enabling them to create their own brand. we endeavour to offer a state of the art experience that is fun, efficient and easy, while exemplifying our passion for innovation, quality and excellence. 


Champion System, a worldwide leader in custom technical apparel, was founded in 2005 and has quickly earned the reputation as a company offering the finest quality handmade garments for a wide range of sports and activities.

Strong customer relationships and close collaboration with the world's top athletes has been the key to Champion System’s success. Our distinctive and stylish garments are worn by Olympians, National and World Champions, and recreational athletes of all levels.

Our goal is to allow the customer to be their own brand and we are known far and wide for our solid commitment to pioneering innovative, race-proven garments that can be customized with virtually any design.  Along the way we have revolutionized sublimation printing, redefined garment construction and simplified the custom ordering process.   With offices in 22 countries Champion System continues to set the standard in the custom apparel industry.

Put simply, Champion System makes custom clothing easy. 


We produce premium, handcrafted, custom designed sports apparel for your team, club, event, business or charity. We exist to showcase your brand.

We have been specializing in custom technical garment construction and design since 2009 in Canada. Custom clothing is our sole focus, we can deliver the quality, service and product that you are looking for. 

  • Local Support and Service:  We have permanent staff in Toronto and Vancouver to service our clients in Canada. Where possible we like to attend fit nights to explain our products and get to know our clients. We also offer free design support.
  • Proven Experience:  We have over 10 years of experience. Custom clothing is our total focus. We are constantly evolving and strive to bring our clients the best garments and service.
  • Production Facilities:  We own our own factories so we control the production chain. This allows us to maintain quality control, be flexible on delivery, get to the source of any issues and not rely on sub-contractors.
  • Quality:  We test and use the best quality fabrics. Over the years, our production techniques have continued to develop, ensuring we are second-to-none in terms of quality. We are so confident in our quality, we offer a lifetime warranty effectively guaranteeing the workmanship and quality of our garments for life.  
  • World Tour Team:  We offer the exact same garments worn by our Pro Teams to our local customers. Look good, feel good, go fast!
  • Minimums:  We continue to develop our flexible order packages with super low minimums where people can even purchase a one-off custom piece.
  • CS Direct/Team Store:  Use CS Direct at no extra charge to cut out administration time, chasing payments and order distribution. Find out more here.
  • Range/Options:  Our three distinct ranges ensure we can fit out any athlete, at any level, within any budget. We are a one-stop shop for individuals through to large clubs and corporates.
  • Free Crash Replacement:  At Champion System, we believe in partnership for the long term. It can happen to the best of us... We appreciate that through unfortunate circumstances our clients end up destroying their kit in crashes. To demonstrate our commitment we now offer a FREE replacement of all garments (within 1 yr of purchase) made unwearable in a crash!
  • Free Shipping:  That's right, as of 2019 all group deliveries within Canada are now shipped at no cost to you.



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