Customer Reviews


The rest of the order arrived today -- awesome as always! LOVE the mechanic's shirt... so comfortable; will order more of those when we do our next  order in the spring! Attached is a photo of my son ripping the peloton to shreds in the Quebec Provincial U17 championships crit last weekend in his beloved CS Apex suit -- he tried out his new Apex Summer Suit today and it's even better! Thanks again
Paul S.
PSS Enterprises

I just received my replacement Team Canada Jacket. I very much appreciate your efforts to do a production run of just one jacket. I have purchased Champion 
Systems clothing before through some of our local clubs here in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. I will most definitely recommend Champion Systems to our local clubs with every chance I get. Many people have asked me about my experience in London. The blown tubular tire in transition makes for a great story and I always take the opportunity to mention Champion Systems and how you said that you would make a replacement jacket for me.
I can’t thank you enough for making the jacket. This special memento of my experience in London at the World Championships will be very much cherished.
Thank you so much.
Jeffrey C.
Team Triathlon Canada

Super fast and beautifully packed!!
I do have to say that I, along with my biking group, are incredibly pleased with the final product, colors, material, stitching, you name it.  Many are regretting now not ordering more and/or other clothing styles!  Will see how many more requests I get, but we may at some point be building towards another order.
Sorry for the delay in sending you this message, I just wanted to say thanks espcially to you and also the group at Champion for all your help and getting us a fantastic product, quickly, at an incredible price.
Best Regards,

burl runners
Just tried it... very slick. Your new system works great and few members commented that they liked it.
Bill A.
Burlington Runners

I just went online and completed the order. Works pretty slick…transition
As always thanks for your great customer service.
Carly P.
Transition Sport & Fitness

Thank you, Thank you!!!!
The jerseys were a huge success.  Everyone was thrilled with fabric, the large pockets and of course our design!!!
Thank you, again, Will, I really appreciate your assistance.  There is nothing like having a real person at the other end!

Laurie D.

The clothing looks AMAZING!!! You guys blew my expectations out of the water.
Thank you,
Josh G.
Superior Athletes

The uniforms looked amazing and were very well received!!
…Everyone absolutely loved those jackets made for us for Gran Fondo. Pic attached.
Jody C.
Long View Systems

Thank you for taking our concerns so seriously. There are lots of companies out there who don't have half the customer service that you do.
The tops came today and they look and feel fantastic. I'm sitting at a cafe wearing mine. I’ll be sure to have the team take a pic together with them :)
Amanda C.
Ares Training/Dragonzone

Received the Firm Management order and everyone is very pleased!
Thanks for getting those done so quickly. My client was like a kid on Christmas day!
Kindest regards,
Bonnie M.
Firm Management/Stimulus Design

We are in the beginning stages of getting a 2nd order together with some new items for the winter...
By the way....EVERYONE we meet loves the uniforms we originally ordered!!! Other teams are jealous.
Kevin H.
Meaford Coyotes

Johnson & Johnson
Hi Will,
In brief – the clothing (and the order) was a HUGE success. We received our jerseys at the Vancouver office a week ago, and wow – it was like Christmas! Lots of buzz, lots of visibility, and a lot of people wishing they had gotten an order in earlier! People also loved the fabric on the jerseys, really really excellent quality.

Timing was excellent as well – we had a few riders in the RBC Whistler GranFondo ride in their jerseys (we saw many people in Champion System kit, both official RBC uniforms and team uniforms) – and there will be a bunch of us wearing our J&J uniforms at the Diabetes fundraising ride next week. I also met Sean at the Champion System booth, and thanked him for his help as well…

… great communications, easy payment handling, and fast shipping – we’re impressed.


Thanks again!
Marlon T.
Johnson & Johnson/LifeScan Canada

Got the goods! Everything checked out – All pieces were there and we were very impressed with the overall quality, both of the garments themselves and the finish of the artwork :-D
After the initial distribution of the kits we've had overwhelmingly positive feedback... So much that it's necessitating a second run!
Ken H.

Thanks Will, everything was great as always.
You guys do a great job at getting the details right.
Lynsey H.
Leading Edge Triathlon Club

Rally for Kids
I received the shirts – job well done – they look great…
I wanted to thank you again for all your help with the Rally shirts. The event was a great success and we raised over $2.6 million for children’s cancer research, treatment and care.
Look forward to working with you again next year...
Thanks again
Elena S.
Rosseau Asset Management Ltd.

AWESOME suits!!!! They're really comfortable too. Awesome job.
Alexis D.
Love to Train

The clothing looks AMAZING!!! You guys blew my expectations out of the water.
Thank you,
Josh G.
Superior Athletes

I also volunteer for our local cycling club – Toronto Bicycling Network (TBN), which is the largest recreational cycling club in the area, boasting close to 1000 members. The club is considering a new order of jerseys for next year and I am going to recommend Champion, based on the quality of the garments and service delivered last year.
Ed W.
The Brainstorm Group

We got loads of compliments on those Epic Jerseys. Everywhere we go with the Tri-umph jackets too it is non stop compliments.
When I get a team pic of the sinister 7 shirts I will forward it. There were approx 1300 people in that race and many commented how great the shirts were.
It's been awesome and we are getting noticed.


Teresa R.
Tri-umph/T3 Coaching

Received the kits; they are amazing!!!
We can't thank you enough for all your efforts. They're exactly (if not more) than what we were hoping for. 
All the best!
Adamo F.
Scuderia Toscanelli

Thanks Will,
I just logged in to the profile and approved the last designs. Thanks for keeping me in the loop you and your organization have been nothing short of fantastic…
We just got the shipment and they are amazing!!!! Everyone is very happy and I will send you pictures shortly!
Thanks for everything these are great!
Ben H.
Diversified Staffing Services

Cycle for Cystic Fibrosis
I was in contact with you around this time last year, placing an order for a charity cycling ride. We printed Cycle for Cystic Fibrosis jerseys and bibs. After a ton of compliments from my fellow riders, they are now wishing to order their own versions of my customized kit.
Once I headed out west and joined the actual charity ride, our group kit was also Champion System (GearUp4CF – Cystic Fibrosis Canada, Vancouver Chapter), so I’ve attached some of those photo’s as well.
Emily A.
Cycle for Cystic Fibrosis

Just a quick FYI, kits came in last week, the weather turned a bit crappy but got a couple or rides in with them, everybody is very happy with everything, the printing is fantastic. I will get you some team pics as soon the sun comes out and it warms up a bit. Thanks from the whole team, customer service has been excellent from start to end.
Jeff L.
Xpress Group

We got the shirts today and they look GREAT!!! A few of our management team want to order some so we will be processing an additional order shortly but we don't need them for the event.
Thank you soo much for your efforts to getting our shirts to us in time and I can't express how pleased the team is with them.
Jen R.
EK3 Media

Thanks for all your help with the suits. The athletes are very happy with the suits - the pink has been the talk of the races.
Lorri Z.
Fun2Tri Group

We got it early last week and the Nordica crew is excited to get their hands on their kits. I got a couple of rides in mine and the fit is spot on.
The rest of the kits have been great and everyone’s happy, hoping to have pictures for you soon.
Thanks for your help!
Vince M.

Got them they look great thanks so much for a great experience – can’t believe how fast you guys were.
Peter O.



Dear Champion Systems:
This past weekend I competed in my first Olympic distance triathlon at the Pushor Mitchell Apple in Kelowna. In my haste to coordinate my equipment and my 10 month old daughter I managed to forget to pack my tri suit for the race. Naturally, I didn't discover that it was missing until 45 minutes before the race.

Desperate, my husband approached your sales team with my dilemma. They gladly came to my rescue and supplied me with a sample uniform. I made sure that your crew was recognized over the PA but I wanted to write you as well to extend our sincere gratitude for your assistance. I had a great day! The suit is amazing!

I have enclosed a couple of photos for you to use at your leisure. Thank you once again! You helped make the day one I will always cherish.
Jackie Kersey

top gear
The new BLACK kit has received rave reviews from both our team riders and fellow racers. It looks fantastic! So good in fact, we had enough interest to do another re-order. This is definitely a sign that you guys are producing a great product. Thanks.
Chris M.
Top Gear Cycling

Everyone loves our outfits!! People are really thrilled with the colour which works well for men and for women. I’m just over the moon with the quality. 
We’re now working on another order as some of the items that we didn’t buy in “bulk” are in demand – the thermoshield winter jacket, the windguard vest and the running tights. So I’ll be putting that together pretty soon.
Carolyn G.
TriStars Training