CS Direct (team stores) will no longer have a 10% surcharge applied. Team stores are now the same pricing as our standard CS10, making the team store option free. 

To top that off, any ‘Group’ shipping is now FREE! 

Want it shipped to your members' homes? We have lowered the ‘Individual’ ship option from $35 to $19.95.


Give your friend a 10% club wide discount when you refer them to us.

In return, we will reward you with a 5% credit, based upon their initial order; that same amount which you can use towards your next personal order. 


At Champion System, we believe in partnership for the long term.
It can happen to the best of us... We appreciate that through unfortunate circumstances our clients end up destroying their kit in crashes.
To demonstrate our commitment we now offer a FREE replacement of all garments (within 1 yr of purchase) made unwearable in a crash!
Please contact your customer service representative to learn more and claim your replacement gear. (effective September 1, 2018)


We will guarantee your goods will ship on the date agreed with us*, or we will provide you with a 20% credit to your account. Many competitors say they can deliver on time but very few actually do; we hear it all of the time. Champion System has delivered on time regularly for over 10 years – the difference now is we are offering a COMMITMENT to do this.


Champion System now offers a lifetime quality commitment effectively guaranteeing the workmanship and quality of our garments for life. 
Quality is often mentioned from our competitors, however, how many are offering a lifetime commitment to quality? What are they providing as proof of this quality?


New 2019 pricing effective December 10th. To see the full list of our prices click here. 

Shipping on all Group orders are now FREE!